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SAM One-Pager on Marijuana's Effects on Driving
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SAM One-Pager on Marijuana's Costs to Society
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SAM One-Pager on Marijuana's Cost to the Workplace
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SAM Educational Briefs (September 2017)
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SAM One-Pager on Link Between Marijuana and Opioids/Other Drugs (September 2017)
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Reefer Sanity PowerPoint Slides
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SAM Testimony on Non-Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island (H5555)
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SAM Testimony on Non-Medical Marijuana in Maryland (SB 891 and SB 928 & companion bills HB 1185 and HB 1236)

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SB 891 , SB 928 , HB 1185 and HB 1236

SAM Testimony on Medical Marijuana in Kansas (February 2017)
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SAM working paper on projected costs of marijuana legalization in Rhode Island (and an executive summary of that document)

Executive Summary

Even a conservative estimate of a few projected economic and social costs of marijuana legalization in Rhode Island total $61.2 million for 2020, exceeding the revenues projected by pro-legalization activists by over 25 percent:

  • Rhode Island’s business community and employees will bear much of these costs, in the form of increased absenteeism and workplace accidents. As most people injured in serious drug-related workplace accidents are co-workers of the drug-using employee or other third parties, this will affect the state’s workforce broadly.
  • The above numbers represent a very conservative model, and do not include a large list of other likely costs, including:
    • Additional workplace injuries among part-time employees
    • Increases in alcohol use and abuse
    • Increases in tobacco use
    • More opioid abuse
    • Increases in short-term/long-term recovery for marijuana use disorders
    • Greater marijuana use among underage students
    • Property and other economic damage from marijuana extraction lab explosions
    • Controlling an expanded black market, sales to minors, and public intoxication
    • Other administrative burdens of most state legalization programs, such as:
      • money for drugged driving awareness campaigns;
      • drug prevention programs; and
      • pesticide control and other agricultural oversight mechanisms
    • Long-term health impacts of marijuana use


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