Preventing the next Big Tobacco

Holding Big Marijuana Accountable,
Protecting the Public from Marijuana Commercialization

SAM’s primary focus is educating the public about the harms of marijuana legalization—a policy which has consistently placed corporate profits and addiction ahead of public health. We provide information on the harms of such policies to interested parties for use in messaging, and educate federal and state legislators on the benefits of a science-based marijuana policy.

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Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) is

We envision a society where marijuana policies are aligned with the scientific understanding of marijuana’s harms, and the commercialization and normalization of marijuana are no more. Our mission is to educate citizens on the science of marijuana and to promote health-first, smart policies and attitudes that decrease marijuana use and its consequences.

Educating the public and policy makers on the harms of marijuana commercialization and legalization

We invest heavily in the longer-term goals of educating the public and policy-makers alike on the harms of marijuana use and marijuana commercialization, the importance of science-based drug policy, and research into the potential medical use of compounds derived from marijuana. Working with our state affiliates, we hold federal, state, and local-level briefings across the country on these issues, and produce and distribute a wide range of related educational materials at no charge.


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The Four Pillars of
Smart Approaches to Marijuana


To inform public policy with the science of today’s marijuana.


To have honest conversation about legal reforms that include reducing the unintended consequences of current marijuana policies, such as lifelong stigma due to arrest.


To prevent the establishment of Big Marijuana that would market marijuana to children — and to prevent Big Tobacco from taking over Big Marijuana. Those are the very likely results of legalization.


To promote research on marijuana in order to obtain FDA-approved, pharmacy-dispensed, cannabis-based medications.

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Doing Addiction-For-Profit Industry’s Bidding, Pro-Pot Representatives Introduce Reckless Marijuana Legalization Bill

STATES 2.0 Act Would Put Nation’s Addiction Crisis on Steroids (WASHINGTON, DC) – Today, Representatives Dave Joyce (OH-14), Lori Chavez-DeRemer (OR-05), Brian Mast (FL-21), Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), and Troy Carter (LA-02) introduced reckless legislation that would legalize unlimited potency concentrates and kid-friendly pot gummies at the federal level. Dr. Kevin Sabet, a former White House […]

Polis urges federal government to reclassify marijuana

While marijuana has been legal in Colorado for more than a decade, the drug is still illegal at the federal level. That is not likely to change anytime soon, but the federal government is considering reclassifying the drug, which could have big implications in several areas, including cannabis-related businesses in Colorado. “Right now, they’re looking like […]

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Our partners consist of both individuals and organizations who promote big ideas and help us in this ongoing work championing smart policies that decrease marijuana use.

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We should meet people where they are at, but never leave them where they are at.

Congressman Patrick J. KennedyCo-Founder, Smart Approached to Marijuana