Where Does Our Funding Come From?

The marijuana industry frequently repeats the lie that we are funded by the nefarious opioid pharmaceutical industry, or private prison industry.Our work in educating the public and policy-makers alike on the harms of marijuana use and marijuana commercialization, and the importance of science-based drug policy, can only be accomplished by partnering with individuals like you! We receive NO funding from the alcohol, tobacco, opioid, or prison industry – unlike pro-legalization supporters, who are heavily funded by Big Tobacco, Pharmaceutical interests, Big Alcohol, and a few billionaires whose goal it is to legalize all drugsOur support, by contrast, comes from family foundations, other responsible organizations, and concerned citizens.


Our primary source of funding is from individuals and families who have seen the negative impact of marijuana first-hand.

Family Foundations

Another significant source of funding for us comes from family foundations that care about this issue.


We also receive funding from standard speaking fees when we give our award-winning presentations and conduct trainings.


See below for our SAM 990 from 2015 and 2016, and our sister organization, SAM Action’s 990 from 2016

Gold Seal of Transparency

We aim to be as transparent as possible. Both SAM and our sister organization, SAM Action, follow all guidelines for disclosing donors under federal law, in addition to state laws related to lobbying and ballot initiatives.

Neither our advisors nor our board members receive any compensation from either SAM or SAM Action.