PowerPoint Presentations

SAM lists the following presentations for your convenience.  Please note that SAM does not necessarily endorse or adopt the content and viewpoints contained in any document/presentation authored by third parties; the authors’ opinions are entirely their own.

Kevin Sabet Summit Opener 2018

Huestis SAM Summit Atlanta Cannabis Driving4-5-18

Marijuana for SAM Dr. Lev 2018

Veatch-Marijuana-Powerpoint – Repaired


Atlanta Final Karen Randall

Panel discussion. SAM Summit final


1- CND 2018 Side Event

4-Regulatory Capture Images

5-impact of legalization

6-final cannabis legalization with Notes

SAM Summit 2017: Kevin Sabet Opening Presentation 

SAM Summit 2017: Jeff Zinsmeister Costs of Legalization Presentation

SAM Summit 2016:  Presentation by Dr. Robert DuPont

SAM Summit 2016:  Presentation by Dr. Stephen Ostroff

SAM Summit 2016:  Presentation by Tony Coder

SAM Summit 2016:  Presentation by Mark Pew

SAM Summit 2016:  Presentation by Sally Schindel

SAM Summit 2016:  Presentation by Ben Cort

SAM Summit 2015 – Presentation by Nora Volkow

SAM Summit 2015 – Presentation by Ben Cort

SAM Summit 2015 – Presentation by Ambassador Paul Simons

SAM Summit 2015 – Presentations by Sue Rusche and Jo McGuire

SAM Summit 2015 – Presentation by Stu Gitlow

SAM Summit Final Presentations PDF

The Link Between Mental Illness and Marijuana – Washington D.C.

Marijuana Legalization: Where Do We Go From Here? A Review Of The Evidence – Russia

Marijuana and the Teen Brain – David P. Friedman, Ph.D.

Preventing a Marijuana Industry from Targeting Children- What can we learn from alcohol? David Jernigan, Ph.D.

Marijuana Policy Informing a Smart Approach For Traffic Safety

Pathways to Treatment – Tom McLellan

Marijuana The Science- What We Know About its Effects on Health – Rochelle D. Schwartz-Bloom, Ph.D

Predicting The Uncertain Future of Legal Marijuana – Jonathan Caulkins, Ph.D.

But What About The Children’s 12 Provisions to Prevent A Marijuana Industry from Targeting Children – Sue Rusche

Project SAM: A Middle Road Between Legalization and Incarcerations – Kevin Sabet and Patrick Kennedy

Marijuana: Implications for Society

What Should the Role of Law Enforcement be in Drug Control?

Marijuana Issues: A Roadmap for Public Health Success and an Appeal for a Smart Approach

History of Tobacco