Celebrating Recovery

Marijuana Addiction is Real

Despite popular myth, peer-reviewed research finds 30% of past year marijuana users met the criteria for a cannabis use disorder (Hasin, 2015).
Marijuana addiction is real.
But so is recovery.
There are impacts we can’t ignore. An eye-opening article in The Atlantic reported that the consequences of marijuana use disorders are many, commenting: “users lost jobs, lost marriages, lost houses, lost money, lost time…foreclosures and divorces… weight gain and mental-health problems.”
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Percentage of consumers who use daily

Over 70% 2 of the revenue for the marijuana industry comes from these users who are most likely to abuse the drug, and incur health costs to themselves and society.

1. Lowrey, Annie. “America’s Invisible Pot Addicts.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 23 Jan. 2019
2. Market Size and Demand for Marijuana in Colorado 2017 Market Update, August 2018

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