Emerson College Poll Finds Majority of New Mexico Voters Do Not Support Marijuana Legalization

By January 15, 2020Uncategorized

A poll conducted by Emerson College found 63% of New Mexico voters are opposed to the full legalization of marijuana when given a full spectrum of policy options. Additionally, the poll found that when voters learn that the marijuana industry features large investments from Big Tobacco and alcohol conglomerates and that legalized states have experienced increased marijuana related car crashes, they were more likely to oppose legalization.

“There is more nuance to marijuana policy than either full commercialization or full prohibition,” said Dr. Kevin Sabet, president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana and a former senior drug policy advisor to the Obama Administration. “Time and time again, the promoters of the pot industry try to claim legalization has blanket approval by promoting this false dichotomy.”

According to the poll of 930 New Mexico voters, 42 percent supported keeping the status quo of marijuana decriminalization and legal medical marijuana. Furthermore, 22 percent of voters favored keeping marijuana illegal for use and possession. All told, only 34 percent of voters favored outright legalization and commercialization.

Moreover, 41 percent of voters stated that they opposed marijuana legalization upon learning that states that have legalized the substance experienced increases in marijuana-impaired car crashes and 38 percent opposed legalization upon learning that the marijuana industry was largely funded by tobacco and alcohol companies.

“Big Pot is desperate to conceal the ugly truths of the harms of marijuana legalization due to the fact that once voters are aware of these harms, they are more likely to oppose supporting legalization — this poll proves that,” continued Dr. Sabet. “Over the next month, SAM and our allies will work to ensue New Mexico citizens and lawmakers are well aware to these facts and help them see through Big Marijuana’s smokescreen.”

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