NPHO partners with Arkansans to file committee to protect kids against marijuana addiction

The National Public Health Organization has announced a partnership with Arkansans to protect children against marijuana addiction-for-profit industry. 

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) action joins local residents to establish the “Protect Arkansas Kids” Committee to oppose the state’s marijuana commercialization ballot measure.

Protect Arkansas Kids and Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) Action launched today to challenge the “misguided” ballot measure being advertised by pot profiteers and their allies in Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol.

Luke Niforatos, a spokesperson for Protect Arkansas Kids says, “Scientists and physicians have made it clear that marijuana isn’t medicine, a position affirmed by the FDA. This ballot initiative, with its limitless number of qualifying medical ‘conditions,’ dramatic expansion of potential ‘prescribers,’ and the removal of prohibitions against sales of pipes, bongs, and other products, proves the term ‘medical’ is a farce.”

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