SAM affiliates sweep Missouri!

May 5, 2014

SAM is pleased to team with more than 50 drug-prevention groups and agencies in Missouri to present the Missouri Marijuana Prevention Tour!

WA: Preventing youth use

July 8, 2013

Join members of the Washington Association for Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention to hear the latest information about evidence-based interventions that potentially prevent marijuana use in the youth you care about.

Prohibition’s real lessons for drug policy

January 29, 2013

Prohibition — America’s notoriously “failed social experiment” to rid the country of alcohol — took center stage this week as PBS broadcast Ken Burns’ highly acclaimed series on the subject. And already, it has been seized on by drug legalization advocates, who say it proves that drug prohibition should be abandoned. But a closer look […]

End of the war, but not the fight, against drugs

January 29, 2013

When discussing drug policies and their enforcement, the war analogy is not a particularly useful one.

CADCA: Not your father’s drug-prevention program

January 29, 2013

In 1989, just a few months after his inauguration, America’s new president, George H.W. Bush, called up his friend Tom Landry, who had just stepped down as the beloved coach of the Dallas Cowboys.