WA: Preventing youth use

July 8, 2013

Join members of the Washington Association for Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention to hear the latest information about evidence-based interventions that potentially prevent marijuana use in the youth you care about.

WA affiliate champions smarter approaches

July 8, 2013

In line with recent calls for Washington to “get it right” and for “strict controls” on the state’s new marijuana marketplace, the Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention (WSAVP) recommends the implementation of policies to prevent youth marijuana use and promote healthy communities.

Washington moves toward legal market

July 8, 2013

As The Daily Chronic reports, Washington is many months away from implementing a state-regulated marijuana market.

Washington landlords struggle with pot laws

July 8, 2013

Owners of rental property in Washington are reviewing their housing policies in light of the legalization of recreational marijuana by voters in that state.

President Carter opposes marijuana legalization, supports Project SAM

May 17, 2013

At meeting with state legislators in Atlanta, Ga., today, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said the dichotomy of “punishment versus rehabilitation” oversimplifies the issue of marijuana legalization. He said he worries about legal marijuana being marketed to kids; presumes marijuana revenues will be outweighed by the costs of abuse; and favors arrests for users that […]

Legalize pot? No, reform laws

November 20, 2012

On Election Day, marijuana enthusiasts rejoiced as Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana. (Ballot initiatives in Oregon and a medical initiative in Arkansas did not fare so well.) From the federal government’s perspective, however, marijuana remains illegal. It is anyone’s guess what the Obama administration’s next move will be, but it is important to understand that […]