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Resource Center for Public Health and Public Safety Clinicians and Practitioners Includes Library and Search Tool

Since legalization has been passed in several states, and marijuana normalization has increased, clinicians and practitioners have been faced with numerous challenges.

This Resource Center provides clinicians and practitioners in all fields of public health and safety the ability to look up academic references and media articles to find information on a range of issues. The Resource Library, immediately below, has the latest PowerPoints and videos from clinicians and scientists on a range of subjects. The Resource Tool is a continually-updated search engine for articles related to various topics, including:

  1. Preventing ​distribution ​of ​marijuana ​to ​minors
  2. Preventing ​marijuana ​revenue ​from ​funding ​criminal ​enterprises, ​gangs ​or cartels
  3. Preventing ​marijuana ​from ​moving ​out ​of ​states ​where ​it ​is ​legal
  4. Preventing ​use ​of ​state-legal ​marijuana ​sales ​as ​a ​cover ​for ​illegal ​activity
  5. Preventing ​violence ​and ​use ​of ​firearms ​in ​growing ​or ​distributing marijuana
  6. Preventing ​drugged ​driving ​or ​exacerbation ​of ​other ​adverse ​public ​health consequences ​associated ​with ​marijuana ​use
  7. Preventing ​growing ​marijuana ​on ​public ​lands
  8. Preventing ​marijuana ​possession ​or ​use ​on ​federal ​property

The 2013 Cole Memorandum, now repealed, listed these eight considerations for law enforcement intervention. Though these eight priorities were rarely referred to since the release of the Memorandum, they still provide a guide to several consequences resulting from expanded marijuana use.

Unfortunately, ​since ​Colorado ​and ​Washington ​became ​the ​first ​states ​to ​legalize ​the recreational ​sale ​of ​marijuana ​in ​2012, ​evidence ​has ​emerged ​that ​regulations ​intended ​to control ​the ​sale ​and ​use ​of ​marijuana ​have ​failed ​to ​meet ​the ​promises ​made ​by ​advocates ​for legalization. ​For ​example, ​states ​with ​legal ​marijuana ​are ​seeing ​an ​increase ​in drugged ​driving crashes ​and youth ​marijuana ​use. ​States ​that ​have ​legalized ​marijuana ​are ​also failing ​to ​shore up ​state ​budget ​shortfalls ​with ​marijuana ​taxes, ​continuing ​to ​see ​a ​thriving ​illegal black ​market, and ​are ​experiencing ​unabated ​sales ​of ​alcohol, ​despite ​campaign ​promises ​from ​advocates promising ​that ​marijuana ​would ​be ​used ​as ​a ​“safer” ​alternative ​instead.

Marijuana  Resource Library

PowerPoint with the Latest Data from Colorado and Washington – Kevin A. Sabet, PhD

The Link Between Mental Illness and Marijuana 

What Will Legal Marijuana Cost Employers? By Sue Rusche and Kevin A. Sabet, PhD

Secondhand Marijuana Exposure – NIDA and NPR

Can Our Experience With Tobacco and Alcohol Teach Us How to Protect Children From Pot if Marijuana Is Legalized? – Sue Rusche (article)

National Families in Action sponsored a conference in Atlanta that brought top experts together with policymakers to educate them about the harmful effects of marijuana. Funded by a grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the conference was keynoted by former President Jimmy Carter. The following five presentations were among several given:

Pathways to Treatment with Marijuana – Dr. Tom McLellan

Marijuana and the Teen Brain – David P. Friedman, Ph.D.

Marijuana The Science- What We Know About its Effects on Health – Rochelle D. Schwartz-Bloom, Ph.D

Preventing a Marijuana Industry from Targeting Children- What can we learn from alcohol? David Jernigan, Ph.D.

How the Tobacco Industry Keeps Targeting Children – Sue Rusche

Five of these presentations can be viewed as videos on National Families in Action’s website here.

Marijuana  Resource Tool

SAM has complied a long list of academic articles and reports.

Simply check the policy priority of interest in the sidebar to your right, and the table below will show you all relevant reports.  You may also select multiple priorities — in that case, the table will return only those results that are relevant to BOTH categories.

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