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BBC: Maryland governor forgives thousands of marijuana-related convictionsBBC:

The governor of the US state of Maryland has pardoned 175,000 people convicted of cannabis offences. Listen to the interview HERE.

Sabet on FOX News: ‘We need to be careful about mass marijuana commercialization’

Smart Approaches to Marijuana CEO Dr. Kevin Sabet responds to comments from Kamala Harris on marijuana and addresses various concerns with the drug. Watch the video here:

Sabet: Cannabis industry is about money, not medicine

Biden administration’s recent move to reschedule marijuana could be a big gift The Biden administration’s recent move to reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III has been drawing criticism from activists on both sides of the issue. For those focused on science and medical efficacy, it’s a move that fails to recognize the growing […]

Easing federal marijuana rules: There’s still a long way to go

Nearly three weeks after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration proposed loosening a federal prohibition on marijuana, the next phases of policy fights over the drug’s status are starting to take shape. Public comments, which the government is accepting on the proposal until mid-July, will likely include an analysis of the economic impact of more lenient […]

Conference Committee Reaches Deal on Legal Weed; Will it Pass the House?

Defying political expectations, House and Senate negotiators signed off on a deal to legalize recreational marijuana in New Hampshire, making the Granite State the last New England state to allow legal weed. “I’m going to vote against it, but I am going to sign it,” Senate President Jeb Bradley, the upper chamber’s lead negotiator, told […]

Marijuana reclassification: How the change in drug laws impacts Arizona

This week, the federal government made the formal move to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, and it seems people agree, after a new study found more Americans are using marijuana daily. So how would this change in marijuana drug laws impact Phoenix? The reclassification wouldn’t just cut taxes for Mint Cannabis. Molina says it would […]

It’s frustrating when naysayers deny the data 

Listen to the interview here:

Exposing Colorado’s psychedelic conflicts of interest

As Colorado develops its regulatory framework for the psychedelics industry, we now see that it is being undermined by many of the same competing interests that have taken hold of the state’s profit-driven THC drug and marijuana industry. Read the entire article HERE.

Kevin A. Sabet: The harm-reduction movement has lost sight of what truly matters

Those who prioritize safe supply and MAID over treatment and recovery have given up on improving the lives of people struggling with addiction Now, as the drug crisis has further spiralled out of control, some people want to double down on these policies, including decriminalization, expanding safe supply and allowing MAID for drug users. Harm-reduction […]

Weed the people: recreational marijuana on the ballot in November

The Florida Supreme Court ruled the proposed constitutional amendment could stay on the ballot, despite pushback from attorney general Ashley Moody who argued the amendment would confuse voters. Getting Amendment 3 on the ballot was expensive. More than $40 million to back the amendment came from Trulieve, the medical marijuana company with a big footprint […]

It’s time to stop celebrating April 20 as a day for marijuana

“Increased car crashes. More kids and adults high every day,” Sabet told me. “The stench of highly potent ‘skunk-weed’ permeating our major cities. 4/20 isn’t something to celebrate.” Sabet knows a thing or two about drugs, specifically marijuana. He is a former White House drug policy adviser to Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and […]

Republicans’ War Against Pot Is Back On

Marijuana advocates have seen years of progress on legalization. But three of the most prominent Republicans in the country are signaling the fight’s not done. Years of progress in the push for legal marijuana is hitting a sudden wall of opposition, thanks to a trio of potential future Republican presidential candidates. Over the last month, […]

The Denver Gazette: Don’t celebrate Colorado’s pot predators

The pot propagators of today can’t seem to agree on the origin of the annual “4/20” observance that is coming up Saturday — the backstory has various versions — and the marijuana-muddled minds that thought it up in the first place probably don’t remember. Whatever the dubious date is supposed to signify, permit us to […]

Florida to Consider Legalization of Marijuana Amidst Alarming Evidence of Harm

On April 1st, The Florida Supreme Court announced that a proposed constitutional amendment (Initiative #22-05) to legalize marijuana’s recreational use will appear on November ballots (South Dakotans will also see it). 60% of voters have to say yes for this to pass. So far, 13 states have legalized marijuana for medical use and 24 states have done so […]

Governor approves medical marijuana protections for public sector employees

Governor Glenn Youngkin approved employment protections for public sector workers on Monday, April 8. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 740,000 people in the Commonwealth work for the government. An original law passed in 2021 protected employee rights to use medical marijuana but didn’t specifically include public servants like firefighters, something JM Pedini, development […]

Only 3 states have passed recreational weed ballot measures by more than 60%. Will FL be next?

As the campaign to get recreational cannabis legalized in Florida moves into its next phase, opponents and advocates of the proposal are operating under the same premise: The measure is likely to receive at least majority support by the voters in November. But that’s not good enough in the Sunshine State, which requires more than […]

Does America have a marijuana crisis?

Kevin A. Sabet, the founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), is on a mission to educate the public on the acute dangers the substance presents to America.  Read the article HERE.

Florida voters will decide if marijuana is legalized in the state

Medical marijuana is already legal in Florida. If enough voters say yes come election day, anyone 21 and up can walk into those dispensaries and purchase up to three ounces of marijuana. On April 1st, the Florida Supreme Court gave the go-ahead to put legalizing marijuana on the November ballot. Florida would become the 25th state to […]

Dr. Kevin Sabet in Man & Culture: Does America have a marijuana crisis?

He has been an anti-narcotics crusader since he was a teenager in California during the 1990s. Now, Kevin A. Sabet, the founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), is on a mission to educate the public on the acute dangers the substance presents to America. He’s also optimistic that the battle against the further legalization of drugs […]

Florida Supreme Court rules to let marijuana legalization amendment on 2024 ballot

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Supreme Court ruled on Monday to allow a marijuana legalization amendment on the 2024 ballot. The amendment would allow for adults 21 years or older to possess, purchase or use marijuana products and marijuana accessories for non-medical, personal consumption. The initiative was put forth by Smart and Safe Florida. Currently, Florida allows medical marijuana […]

Dr. Kevin Sabet on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Check out the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) latest video featuring Dr. Kevin Sabet as he dives into the legalization debate in Germany and beyond. Watch now!