SAM Declares Victory in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Vermont

May 28, 2019

Last week, lawmakers announced that marijuana legalization bills in New Jersey, Vermont, and New Hampshire are all effectively dead for the 2019 session. This litany of victories comes on the heels of a slew of other wins this year in states like Minnesota and New Mexico. “Consecutive years of victories for public health and safety […]

SAM in Vermont to educate about marijuana issues

June 20, 2013

“While the current conversation in Vermont about marijuana is decriminalization, the legalization of marijuana is moving fast in parts of the United States, and it looks as though the domino effect could quickly move to other states such as Vermont,” said former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Project SAM’s chairman.

Vermont is 17th state to decriminalize

June 20, 2013

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a bill that decriminalizes marijuana, making possession of less than an ounce of the drug punishable by a small fine rather than arrest and possible jail time. Under the new law, those under age 21 who are caught with marijuana will be required to undergo substance abuse screening.