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SAM's leaders are among the world's most prominent voices calling for science-based marijuana education and awareness. About Us

Preventing Big Tobacco 2.0

The marijuana industry is likely to be the Big Tobacco of our time. Let's prevent another industry from profiting off of addiction. Read more here.

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We stand with every major medical association when we say marijuana can be harmful. Read about the latest science and read why legalization is not working in U.S. states here.

Advocating for Legal Reform

Just because legalization is a bad idea, it doesn't mean we need to incarcerate users or give out criminal records. There is a middle ground between the extremes. Read more here.

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  • On Marijuana, Obama, Christie, and a Nor Cal Judge All Agree: Legalization Is a Bad Idea

    By Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., Published: April 16, 2015 at 8:29 AM With presidential campaign politics upon us, it’s hard to find areas of agreement among key leaders. But there seems to be one issue that even President Obama, Governor Chris Christie, and a Northern California, Obama-appointed judge can all agree on: marijuana legalization is a […]

  • SAM Is Hiring!

    Deputy Director, Federal and State Affairs   A position dependent on year-to-year funding Full time (40 hours per week) Or Part Time (20-30 hours/week) Starting salary range: Range, up to $50,000 Location: Home Office, in Washington DC Open until filled   SUMMARY This announcement is for a full or part time deputy director position This […]

  • Poll: New Anti-Legalization Video Says Pot Is the New Tobacco. Do You Agree?

    By Ricardo Baca, Published: April 10, 2015 at 4:25 PM Anti-legalization group Project SAM released a new video this week comparing marijuana’s recent rise to that of tobacco’s past ascents. The group released the video, above, in conjunction with theNational Rx Abuse Summit and the affiliated SAM Marijuana Education Summit. “I hope people realize that marijuana legalization is all about […]