Statement from SAM President Kevin Sabet Regarding Senator Cory Gardner’s Legislation Shielding Addiction-For-Profit Industry From Federal Law

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[Alexandria, VA] – In response to today’s announced legislation by Colorado Senator Cory Gardner and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) President Dr. Kevin Sabet released the following statement:

“Why is Senator Gardner standing for the same companies that were caught red-handed recommending pot to pregnant women? The state of Colorado still has taken no enforcement action against these businesses. By the way, they also make THC candies, cookies, 99% concentrates and other kid-friendly items.

“Further, Senator Gardner must have missed the recent NBC expose showing the complete infiltration of foreign drug cartels into Colorado using the cover of legalization.

“While Senator Gardner is calling this a ‘states’ rights’ approach, this bill essentially amounts to the federal legalization of marijuana. The bill would shield the pot industry in states that have liberalized their drug policies and prevent the enforcement of federal law. Additionally, the bill would grant marijuana businesses access to the federal banking system, allowing Wall Street investment on an unprecedented scale.

“Four years ago, as a member of the House, Cory Gardner voted against these very same provisions. Now that the pot industry has expanded in Colorado, normalizing use and advertising THC-laced candies to youth, he is singing a different tune. If enacted, this bill would pave the way for the commercialization of the marijuana industry and the creation of the next Big Tobacco.

“It is a shame that Senator Gardner has chosen to put political donations and expediency ahead of public health and safety. We are seeing communities across the country fight back and SAM applauds New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and other states who have recently rejected Big Marijuana. We won’t stop amplifying the voices of families and individuals affected by these lax policies.”


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