New Poll Finds Michigan Voters Opposed to Recreational Marijuana

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Most Michigan citizens would vote down recreational marijuana if the vote were held today according to an 800-household, statewide survey conducted by Target Insyght from June 24-26.

“These results are not surprising,” stated Scott Greenlee, President of Healthy and Productive Michigan. “The more that people find out about drug cartels buying houses in Colorado and California, and the fact that Michigan would become the marijuana capital of America (pot would be taxed at the lowest rate for recreational marijuana in America while the proposal would allow people to have more pot on them and in their homes than anywhere in America), along with the business, law enforcement, and medical challenges it would cause, the more they are quick to oppose a massive commercialized drug-addiction industry.”

Greenlee also noted: “The marijuana industry interests have consistently pushed a facade of majority support and inevitability. We polled the issue through Victory Phones, a Michigan-based, nationally recognized polling fieldwork leader who was the only Michigan based firm to project the results of the 2016 Presidential elections correctly, and they showed the issue was under 50% with voters in May. Today, we see another top polling firm showing that voters oppose the issue 47%-44%.”

The survey showed results from every part of the state, and the question was worded without pro or con talking points: “the first ballot proposal would authorize the personal possession and use of marijuana by individuals aged 21 years and older and control the commercial production and distribution of marijuana.”


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