Crissy Groenewegen

Crissy Groenewegen serves as the Director of the Parent Action Network. She comes from a counseling, education and prevention background and has spent the last five years as a community prevention educator, coalition coordinator and Director of a small non-profit agency dedicated to preventing youth initiation into substance use and misuse. She is a skilled prevention specialist, experienced at building the capacity of small grass roots community groups and movements. She is passionate about making a difference in our communities and working to make our neighborhoods safe for youth and families. The decision to take on this role comes from a place of great respect for the advocacy work that SAM does. She shares SAM’s mission and vision of creating a network of parents and families who will be able to tell their stories, and in turn educate lawmakers, and advocate for safe policies surrounding the issue of legalized marijuana and the dangers of the new high potency THC analogs. Crissy is the mother of three adult children and lives in Dutchess County, NY with her husband, their two dogs and two cats.