Big Marijuana Gets Its Election Year Misinformation Campaign

Members of Law Enforcement, Parents, Addiction Treatment Providers and More Must Unite to Keep the Predatory Industry from Abusing Florida Communities

(TALLAHASSEE, FL) – In response to the Florida State Supreme Court’s announcement today validating the signatures collected to amend the State Constitution to legalize marijuana and THC drugs (Initiative #22-05), Smart Approaches to Marijuana Action (SAM Action) President Dr. Kevin Sabet, a former drug policy advisor to Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton, released the following statement:

“Election year politics in Florida are about to get a potent dose of pot pushing by Big Marijuana. This campaign to inject more dangerous drugs into Florida’s communities will allow Big Marijuana to spend millions on misinformation and drive voters for the benefit of industry backers.

“Today’s high-potency, industrialized THC drugs in the form of candies, drinks, vape oils and other products are often 6-times as potent as regular marijuana, making them more addictive and more dangerous. Despite the industry’s claims, their high-potency THC drugs are increasingly linked to IQ loss and significant mental health issues including depression, suicidality, psychosis, and schizophrenia.

“Floridians can expect to see Big Marijuana and its allies in Big Tobacco dump millions of dollars into a ballot initiative that will unquestionably be framed around things like ‘social justice,’ ‘tax revenue,’ ‘rights,’ and even ‘health care.’ The truth is legal marijuana is about none of those things, but rather making money off of products that have been medically proven to be dangerous.

“The data from a decade of the industry’s lies and lobbying is clear. Legal weed in Florida will cost taxpayers more money, worsen an already significant mental health crisis, impact public safety and snare more young people and minority groups in a spiral of addiction.

“The industry preys on the most vulnerable, those suffering from addiction and minority and low-income communities, hooking a new generation on users to bank billions in profits for overwhelming wealthy, white shareholders.

“We are prepared to stand with allies in Florida law enforcement, medical professionals, parents, educators and those on the front lines of our nation’s addiction crisis to defeat this dangerous proposal.”

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