Billion dollar marijuana operation, illegally run by Chinese nationals in the U.S.

“What we’re seeing in legal states is that the black market for marijuana continues to beat the legal market,” said drug policy expert and Vice President of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, Luke Niforatos.

It’s legal to grow weed in the state of Maine – you can actually grow about 3 mature plants but border patrol was alerted to 270 different properties growing enough weed to gross about 4 billion dollars a year. This operation is said to be run by Chinese nationals who then send their earnings back to China.

It’s an illegal and economic problem, that city leaders say is growing.

“All of these are states have allowed for legal marijuana,” said Niforatos. “So, what it kind of begs the question of is does legalizing marijuana open the doors for cover for illegal foreign actors to begin Illegally growing marijuana?”

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