New Quest Diagnostics Study Highlights 25 Year High in Workers Testing Positive for Drugs, Rising Concerns about Marijuana Normalization

May 18, 2023
Media Contact: Bob Driscoll
(WASHINGTON, DC) – Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) CEO Dr. Kevin Sabet, a former drug policy advisor to President Obama, released the following statement today based on a new report from Quest Diagnostics that shows a sharp rise in workers testing positive for marijuana to its highest level in 25 years. The report also found a rise in workers testing positive for marijuana usage following a workplace accident.  

“Politicians and employers were warned that commercializing today’s high-potency marijuana and THC-infused products would prove to have serious consequences on Americans’ safety and mental health. We already knew there was record levels of marijuana use in our society, and this new report confirms that a dangerous rip current is being felt on the job in pot-legal states, contributing to workplace accidents.  

“It should surprise no one that employees are using high-potency THC vapes, smoking weed or popping drug-laced gummy bears and heading to work. It is how addiction-for-profit works. Drive more regular users to make a buck and together with the politicians in their pocket, ignore the consequences. This is what the industry has wanted all along. 

“We don’t want to learn our lesson by having a massive accident because someone is high on THC. Stopping testing and ignoring the problem will only make this worse. Human resources departments grappling with workers using drugs that impair motor skills and judgement must address this trend at the highest levels of government and corporate leadership. We don’t stand for people being drunk on the job and we shouldn’t excuse drug use either.” ###