Statement from SAM President Kevin Sabet Regarding Reported Deal Between President Trump and Senator Cory Gardner 

Contact: Colton Grace
(864) 492-6719
[Alexandria, VA] – Today, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) issued the following statement from SAM President Dr. Kevin Sabet in response to a reported deal between President Donald Trump and Senator Cory Gardner to protect Colorado’s marijuana industry from federal law:


“This discussion is far from over. In the midst of the largest opioid epidemic in our nation’s history, this reported deal between the president and Senator Cory Gardner to protect the marijuana industry is ill-conceived and wrong. SAM stands with virtually all major medical and law enforcement associations in condemning the use and legalization of marijuana. The black market does not honor states’ rights – it is thriving in Colorado and other legalized states.


“This is creating harms in all states, in the form of increased stoned driving fatalities, the increased prevalence of pot candies, and more crime. Senator Gardner is simply protecting special interests at the expense of public health. SAM will redouble its efforts and amplify the voices of millions of Americans who do not want their children exposed to increased drug use. We hope the president – who doesn’t want to be known as the ‘Pot President’ – will reverse course soon. This reckless plan will not go unanswered.”