Avoid ‘Charlotte’s Web’ to treat epilepsy

Dr. Christian Thurstone, a member of SAM’s board of directors, gives several reasons why children with severe epilepsy should avoid the CBD oil product known as “Charlotte’s Web.”

The substance, produced in Colorado, is frequently the subject of emotionally charged news reporting that has created great confusion in the general public. Dr. Thurstone, a world-recognized expert in the treatment of general, child/adolescent and addiction psychiatry, details some of the potential problems with Charlotte’s Web and provides information about Epidiolex, a purified CDB oil that is being given to children for free — and within the bounds of responsible science and law.

[box type=”shadow”]SAM has prepared a guide titled, “Everything You Need to Know About CBD.” It, too, provides a detailed explanation of this promising substance. SAM ardently champions the responsible development of cannabis-based medications. [/box]