Tired of the loaded language? So are we.

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Two members of SAM’s board of directors, Kevin Sabet and David Frum, have been named “legalization’s biggest enemies” by Rolling Stone. According to Kristen Gwynne, they’re “drug warriors” pushing “prohibition” and conservative politics and using “new language to fight back against the spread of marijuana legalization … something we should all be worried about.”


The article could have been more accurate — for example, the name of this organization is Smart Approaches to Marijuana, not the one reported — but we’re happy to have the attention. And we’re happy to invite more people to support SAM and to engage with us in far more accurate and reasonable discussion about this important issue profoundly affecting public health and safety.


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  • Austin says:

    Okey-dokey is your best response? I would think such an “intelligent” group would have an response with detail.

  • Leslie says:

    I would be psyched to have been named one of “legalization’s biggest enemies” by Rolling Stone. As the Drug & Alcohol Person for a school district of over 30,000 students-I see daily the toll legalization and ‘medicalization’ have had on our students. They and often their parents,too, have ‘drunk the kool-aid’ when it comes to believing that this is a harmless recreational substance.

  • Kevin says:

    I’m just as tired of the pro-pot double-talk now as I was suspicious of the anti-pot rhetoric when I was a teen (when I didn’t smoke, by the way). Pot is not a tonic.

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