Fact Sheets & Talking Points

Please download these SAM materials to share during community meetings or when trying to explain SAM’s mission and vision to others.

On Marijuana

Researching Marijuana’s Medical Potential Responsibly: A Six Point Plan

Everything you need to know about CBD

New: Ten messages against legalization, with 2015 Colorado data

Infographic: “Impaired Driving Trends for Marijuana in Washington State”

Kevin Sabet’s Presentation: Seven Myths

Infographic: “CO Experience with de facto Legalization of Retail Sales after “Medical” Marijuana Expansion Post-2009″

Marijuana Edibles Fact Sheet

Resources on Municipal Ordinances Banning Marijuana

Marijuana as Medicine: What does the science say?

Raw Denver UCR Crime Numbers – 2013-2014

“Marijuana Potency Throughout the Decades”


“Would Legal Marijuana Reduce our Criminal Justice Costs?”

Marijuana QuickFacts

Marijuana and Health

Marijuana as Medicine in the States

Marijuana and Who’s in Prison

Marijuana Legalization

Health Organizations on Marijuana

Addressing Controversial Issues Concerning Marijuana

Sample Testimony. Use this to formulate your thoughts when speaking with public officials.

About SAM

SAM Fact Sheet. Explains the organization’s mission, vision and goals.

SAM Q & A. Frequently asked questions about SAM are answered here.

SAM Fact Sheet, 2-sided handout. A promotional brochure that encourages people to learn more about SAM.