the IssuesTo help you speak about marijuana in your community, SAM aims to provide useful and timely resources — and invites you to contact us with requests. Please also review our Issues section, where you’ll find several handouts focused on specific topics.

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Fact Sheets & Talking Points

NEW: SAM working paper on projected costs of marijuana legalization in Rhode Island (and an executive summary of that document)

NEW: SAM Testimony on Non-Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island (H5555)

NEW: SAM Testimony on Non-Medical Marijuana in Maryland (SB 891 and SB 928 & companion bills HB 1185 and HB 1236)

NEW: SAM Testimony on Medical Marijuana in Kansas (February 2017)

NEW: SAM Educational Briefs (February 2017)

NEW: SAM One-Pager on Link Between Marijuana and Other Drugs (February 2017) 

UPDATED: Reefer Sanity 2016 PowerPoint Slides

Updated Top 10 Messages Against Legalization, 2015 w Cites

Speaking with public officials is important. SAM’s fact sheets and sample testimony will help you communicate key issues with elected leaders and key policymakers.
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Powerpoint Presentations

Please check out our growing collection of slideshow presentations about marijuana and related subjects.
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Pictures and Videos

Pictures: Click here to see our photo gallery of marijuana edibles.

Videos: Please visit Project SAM’s YouTube channel at: We also welcome our affiliates’ video submissions. Please contact us with videos you would like to share.
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SAM Statements and Press Releases

We encourage you to track our statements and to share them with others in your digital networks.
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Research Studies

Neuropsychopharmacology – From First Drug Use to Drug Dependence- Developmental Periods of Risk for Dependence upon Marijuana, Cocaine, and Alcohol

National Institute on Drug Abuse (2011) – Preventing Drug Abuse Among Children and Adolescents – Risk Factors and Protective Factors

Medical Marijuana Laws 50 States

SAMHSA-National Estimates of Drug-Related Emergency Visits 2008

NIDA (2010) – Cannabis Abuse

Harm Reduction Journal (2007) – Long term marijuana users seeking medical cannabis in California (2001–2007)- demographics, social characteristics, patterns of cannabis and other drug use of 4117 applicants

American Society of Addicition Medicine (2011) – Medical Marijuana Task Force White Paper

British Medical Journal

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To read and download our growing archive of marijuana-related articles, please visit our scribd account.[/box]