Today, despite international treaties outlawing the legal sales of marijuana, Canada became the largest sponsor of marijuana in the world, legalizing the commercial sales of the drug. In response, concerned citizens, activists, and public health experts gathered in Vancouver to announce the launch of a watchdog group dedicated to counting the costs of marijuana commercialization and assisting Canadians in need of help.

The SAM Canada Pot Watch will help Canadians navigate through the real scientific truth about marijuana and will provide referrals to legal, legislative, and other relief for Canadians harmed by today’s high potency pot.

“Canada is not only violating international laws by commercializing marijuana, it is letting a new industry – Big Marijuana – grow and prosper,” said Dr. Kevin Sabet, founder and president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM). “As more Canadians feel the negative effects – secondhand smoke, workplace accidents, car crashes, declining school performance, loss of productivity, and other issues – I am confident the policy will be reversed in time. For now, we will help document the real costs of this policy. This watchdog website will help keep government and industry accountable.”

“We need to be mindful of what has happened to our southern neighbor under legalization,” said Pamela McColl, chair of SAM Canada. “Drugged-driving will go up. Workplace accidents will increase. Children and low-income populations will be targeted. It’s up to our coalition to ensure Canada remains safe and shielded from the profit-driven interests of Big Marijuana.”

This project will serve as a much-needed watchdog over the rapidly expanding industry in Canada. As seen in the United States, the marijuana industry dumps massive amounts of money into electing pro-marijuana lawmakers and lobbying on rolling back regulations so that it may pull in larger profits.

“We will seek to shine a light where the industry would prefer darkness and expose the truth of what commercialization is doing to our country,” said McColl. “We will help Canadians get the help and guidance they need to deal with this dangerous, unprecedented policy.”


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