Washington Journal: Luke Niforatos Discusses Combating the Legalization Marijuana

Smart Approaches to Marijuana's Luke Niforatos discusses his group's efforts to oppose the 'commercialization and normalization of marijuana.'

Ex-GOP lawmakers are face of marijuana blitz

This year, both former Reps. (R-Calif.) and (R-Fla.), who lost reelection bids in 2018, have signed on with marijuana companies. They are following former Speaker (R-Ohio), who has been an active advocate for the cannabis industry since leaving Congress. For the booming industry, turning to former GOP lawmakers is an important step to expand their support in Congress.

What Big Pot doesn't want you to know about costs of legalizing marijuana

Lobbyists and lawmakers everywhere like to make bold-but-reality-challenged claims to advance legislation. But in its push to legalize commercial weed, the marijuana industry has taken legislative myth-peddling to brazen new lows. New York's lawmakers have a few days left to show the nation they won't be duped.

Why Did The Recreational Marijuana Effort Fail In The Conn. General Assembly?

Among the big-ticket items that did not pass in Connecticut's 2019 legislative session were tolls and legal cannabis. While tolls will likely be debated in a special session this summer, proponents of recreational marijuana will have to regroup and wait until next year.

Tough to ignore: Group uses billboards to battle marijuana bill

As lawmakers debate the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York, one group wants to make it very difficult for politicians to ignore its anti-legalization stance. Smart Approaches to Marijuana, or SAM, opposes marijuana legalization around the country. It is pushing local politicians to do the same.

State efforts to grow pot industries clash with federal law

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Surgeon general warns that marijuana today is more dangerous than it was a decade ago

Smart Approaches to Marijuana chief of staff Luke Niforatos says that marijuana today is much more potent than it was decades ago.

The Democratic Presidential Candidates Mostly Agree on Marijuana Legalization. The Exception? Joe Biden

Nearly every major Democratic contender for the 2020 nomination has come out in support of legalizing marijuana. The exception: Joe Biden.

Three County Legislators Stand Opposed to Legal Pot | Yonkers Times

By Dan Murphy SAM-NY, Smart Approaches to Marijuana, held a press conference outside the county office building in White Plains, joined by Westchester leaders, concerned parents, addiction treatment specialist and medical professionals to call on the county to opt out of commercial marijuana. Also in attendance were local police chiefs and two county legislators - ...

Gummy bear billboard targets NY Sen. Rachel May's support for legal weed

A group opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana in New York has paid for a new billboard in Syracuse with a giant gummy bear to rally public opposition to the proposal. The billboard at the Interstate 690 exit to Herald Place states: "After legalizing pot, kids aged 0-9 ingesting marijuana rose 1,000% in Colorado."

Slow down on legalizing marijuana

Dr. Hector R. Biaggi St. Joseph's Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers The New York state substance abuse treatment community has been involved in a high-stakes effort to oppose the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana, and proponents were constantly saying that "it's a done deal" or that "the train has left the station" so we had better sit at the table or be left out of it once it becomes a reality.

Recreational marijuana movement takes root in Midwest but efforts elsewhere have stalled

The legal marijuana movement, which in recent years has flourished in coastal states, is taking up new roots in the Midwest even as efforts have stalled in nearly a dozen other states this year.

GOP leader Fasano, Chief Perez weigh in at Bridgeport anti-pot rally

BRIDGEPORT - State Sen. Minority Leader Len Fasano, R-North Haven, scoffed Thursday at Democrats' plans to leave marijuana legalization up to the voters. "It's their only path to victory," Fasano said in an interview following his appearance at a Bridgeport rally opposing recreational cannabis. "I think it's absurd."

Despite State Support, Marijuana Banking Bill May Sink Again in Congress

Many state leaders are hoping the fourth time's the charm for a federal bill that would protect banks from being penalized for serving licensed cannabis businesses. Many banks are reluctant to work with marijuana businesses or people in the industry because federal law says the plant is a dangerous drug.

As foes rally, marijuana bill still seems to lack votes to pass

ALBANY - A group spearheading opposition to the legalization of marijuana urged lawmakers Tuesday to reject the latest legislation, saying it would crimp the ability of local governments to ban sales within their jurisdictions.

Marijuana And New York State: To Legalize Or Not?

SYRACUSE, NY (WRVO) - The push to legalize recreational marijuana in New York state lost some steam when it wasn't included in the state budget earlier this year. But, the issue is not dead yet. The latest state proposal to legalize pot solves some of the concerns that doomed the plan on the table during budget talks, according to long-time advocate state Sen.

Leading Marijuana Policy Group Declares Victory in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Vermont - Insider NJ

Leading Marijuana Policy Group Declares Victory in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Vermont (Alexandria, VA) - Last week, lawmakers announced that marijuana legalization bills in New Jersey, Vermont, and New Hampshire are all effectively dead for the 2019 session. This litany of victories comes on the heels of a slew of other wins this year[...]

Lawmaker's 'Lonely Ship' Fills as Support for Cannabis Grows

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Elected as state representative for the 48th Assembly District, Rep. Melissa Sargent, D-Madison, has been "legislating through listening" to her 60,000 constituents since 2012. The stories and concerns she heard from voters in her district have launched Sargent on an unexpected journey, sending her on a mission that she never anticipated when she first ran for office.

Closing the window on recreational marijuana

"We have 20 days - two, zero - session days to actually pass marijuana legalization in New York," Melissa Moore, deputy state director for the Drug Policy Alliance in New York, said at the close of a May 9 panel discussion on the future of marijuana in the state.

How Democrats are failing on legalized marijuana

This was supposed to be the big year for marijuana legalization. But in many state capitols across the country, efforts have stalled or collapsed as Democrats clash over everything from race and criminal justice to how to divvy up a gold mine of pot-tax revenue.

Marijuana NY: Is there enough support for legalization?

CLOSE ALBANY - New York lawmakers are holding out hope that they will be able to garner enough support to legalize recreational marijuana this year, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo has his doubts. Supporters of marijuana legalization missed perhaps their best chance for passage earlier this year when the proposal dropped out of budget negotiations before lawmakers and Cuomo approved a $176 billion spending plan April 1.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana, NAACP, other groups speak out against marijuana legalization

"We do not want lawmakers voting for recreational marijuana," Prince said. Rep. Marty Moylan (D-Des Plaines) said he was speaking against the bill because he wanted to protect children and grandchildren. "[This bill] is about profits over people," Moylan said. "The more they get addicted the more money they make.

New Jersey Legislators Take Pass on Pot

New Jersey lawmakers abandoned efforts to pass legislation legalizing recreational marijuana and instead plan to put it before voters on the 2020 ballot.

The argument for marijuana decriminalization without legalization

Despite the ongoing federal and local debates on marijuana legalization, the investment world remains excited about the industry's prospects, especially companies such as Tilray (TLRY) and Aurora Cannabis (ACB), which are slated to report earnings late Tuesday.

NJ legal weed bill could be coming soon, and opponents are making one last push to stop it

CLOSE With a bill to legalize marijuana in New Jersey possibly coming within days, opponents are making a last-ditch push to derail one of the top priorities of Gov. Phil Murphy and legislative leaders.

Marijuana use climbed in 2017: Study

A lot of people got baked in 2017. That's according to a new study from Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) that found that twice as many people are smoking pot on a daily basis than a decade ago. "The marijuana industry is getting their wish," SAM President Kevin A.

Another Voice: Let's pump the brakes on marijuana legalization

Public hearings on marijuana legalization are underway across the state as Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and other policymakers in our state are looking at liberalizing the state's stance on the drug. Our policymakers must slow down and review this simple fact: Legalization is a bad idea for a state still dealing with terrible aftermath of Big Pharma and Big Tobacco.