Pot opponents regroup after Washington, Colorado votes

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Today, the Associated Press reported on the launch of Project SAM, and here are a few passages and quotes that help tell our story:

“Our country is about to go down the wrong road, in the opposite direction of sound mental health policy,” Patrick Kennedy, Project SAM’s board chairman, said. “It’s just shocking as a public health issue that we seem to be looking the other way as this legalization of marijuana becomes really glamorous.”

“The idea is to halt the legalization movement by arguing the U.S. can ease the ills of prohibition – such as the racial disparities in arrest rates and the lifelong stigma that can come with a pot conviction – without legalizing the drug.”

“SAM board member David Frum said that given the social ills caused by alcohol and tobacco use, no one should be arguing for legal marijuana.”

He told the AP:

“There are not a lot of voices saying you should smoke more tobacco, it’s a cure for what ails you. There aren’t people saying we should raise the DUI limit from 0.08 to 0.12. People who use alcohol and tobacco understand they’re doing something risky. That’s not the message about marijuana, and that’s an unfortunate situation.

“What we should all want is to see fewer young people with criminal records and fewer young people using drugs.”


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  • Ted Clayton says:

    It seems strange, that all the Posts so far show “zero” comments. So maybe when I get done, they aren’t even working? 😉

    Good to see that the new site looks WordPress-based. Lot’s of advantages in that choice. It would be nice, to turn on the Date and Author metadata in the Post-header.

    You will need to get other authors posting here, beside just the ‘usual suspects’. Maybe even invite legalization-supporters, too.

    Like the way President Obama did with Barbara Walters, legalization-skeptics should stay relaxed & kicked-back. Half the population votes against it … and the media being what they are, that half has been served as though they were about 3%.

    All that SAM, its people and its website have to do, is make itself a credible opposition figure … be nice, relax, stay out of the barroom brawls. There is a large, pent-up demand for the role the SAM & Co have offered to play. Half of America will say, “It’s about time”!

    • SmartApproaches says:

      Hi, Ted. We appreciate your comments. We wish to facilitate reasonable discussion threads. We have reviewed all of the comments we have received. They are informing a “comments policy” we’ll post soon (if you have any ideas about that, we would be delighted to consider them). It is because we at Project SAM wish to elevate discussions about this subject that we aren’t going to post everything we receive.

  • Paris Pace says:

    Hi. I would like to know who is providing the funding for your organization. I looked for this information on this site but it’s not available.

    • SmartApproaches says:

      Hi, Paris. We’re a volunteer group. We welcome contributions of money, time and other resources from people who wish to support our mission.

  • The People Have Spoken! says:

    I have to laugh at the above, “JOIN THE DISCUSSION”.

    There IS NO discussion when you COWARDS refuse to publish comments that call out your LIES and refute your hysterical propaganda.

    I will be pointing out your cowardly censorship here in every forum and every comments page for every “news” story you generate. You COWARDS don’t want open debate. You COWARDS want to dictate your lies and propaganda and CENSOR all dissenting voices. That is NOT a debate. That is COWARDICE.

    • SmartApproaches says:

      We just took another look at the comments you’ve sent — and you’re right: we aren’t going to publish them. The first one begins by calling just about everyone affiliated with our leadership team a “LIAR!” (in capital letters, too. Nice.) Your other posts are a press release and cut-and-paste jobs from other websites whose columns and news stories we don’t have the right to present in their entirety.
      We welcome reasonable, thoughtful and civil comments — and we’ll post a comments policy soon with hopes we receive them.

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