FIRST PREVIEW: SAM Dedicates World Drug Day to The Dedicated Volunteers Spreading Awareness of the Dangers of Marijuana

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In honor of the upcoming World Drug Day – or the UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking – SAM is dedicating June 26th to the millions of volunteers who advocate for wider awareness about the growing problem of marijuana.

“On this day, we should remember the people on the front lines every day, most of whom are parents and siblings who have been through the heartache and nightmare of their family member’s addiction. They have often sacrificed to put their loved ones through treatment – often at great personal expense – and they now dedicate their lives to spread awareness on this issue.”

While there is little money to be made in prevention, there are billions of dollars to be made off of the back of addiction. The global marijuana industry, in particular, wants nothing more than to silence and belittle volunteers who work tirelessly to share their stories in the hopes of preventing further tragedy.

“The lives and stories of the volunteers fighting back against the next Big Tobacco are the ones that truly deserve to be heard in this debate,” said Dr. Kevin Sabet, founder and president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana. “Many of them have lost sons and daughters; brothers and sisters; aunts and uncles. The truth is, the stories I hear each day from these volunteers gives us the faith to carry on fighting for public health and common sense. We will never give up. To those of you who are working hard each day to fight marijuana and its impact on society, we thank you. SAM and its allies would be nothing without your work.”

SAM dedicates this upcoming International Drug Day, June 26th, 2018, to these tireless heroes.

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