SAM Affiliates are trusted state and local partners who work closely with SAM in educating on marijuana issues. SAM Affiliates are separate organizations who share SAM’s goals and ideas about aligning public attitudes with the science on marijuana.

501(c)(3) organizations that work on marijuana-related issues, or organizations in that field that have applied for 501(c)(3) status but have not yet received an IRS determination, can join forces with SAM to educate citizens and lawmakers on evidence-based marijuana policy.

501(c)(4) organizations, or those that have applied for 501(c)(4) status but have not yet received an IRS determination, can also apply for affiliation with SAM’s sister organization, SAM Action.


SAM Affiliates receive a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Access to a huge catalogue of high-quality materials on marijuana policy that are too voluminous to make accessible to the general public, such as:
    • Regularly updated PowerPoints on special issues
    • Videos and multimedia
    • Promotional and fundraising materials
  • A conduit to SAM’s science advisory board for technical questions about marijuana and its physical and psychological effects
  • Q & A calls with SAM leadership, who will provide technical, PR, and, fundraising expertise
  • A forum for input on recommending winners of SAM national awards
  • A discount on registration for the annual SAM Summit
  • Semi-annual conference calls or webinars to train affiliate members on marijuana issues

Affiliate Dues:

For all new affiliates, the first year’s membership dues are discounted, at 27 cents/day ($100/year).

Dues for every subsequent year vary by the annual total gross revenues of the affiliate for the most recent complete tax year, in most cases the value that would be reported in Line 12 of IRS Form 990 (“Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax”).

Total annual gross revenues Dues for subsequent years
Up to $100,000 41 cents/day ($150/year)
$100,000.01 to $250,000 68 cents/day ($250/year)
$250,000.01 to $500,000 96 cents/day ($350/year)
$500,000.01 to $1 million $1.51/day ($550/year)
Over $1 million $2.05/day ($750/year)

How to Apply:

To apply for affiliate status with SAM (or SAM Action), please follow this link to fill out a brief application, and someone from SAM will contact you.  If you have other questions about affiliate status, please email us at